Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lawry Turner…I hate you

Hate’s a strong word and I can’t really hate someone I’ve just seen on the melt screen, but I do find her really unpleasant. She’s got this sort of Highgate/Crouch End mum smugness about her.

Today I saw her on the Wright Stuff talking about mothers who drink or smoke during pregnancy. Now I’ve always been of the opinion that in the same way we’re made to take tests to drive a car or fly a plane, there should definitely be a test for parenthood.

With the right sort of system all the ills that are said to plague this country, crime, idiots etc would simply disappear. Say what you like for personal freedom but if you know smoking a drinking is going to harm the small alien in your belly don’t do it. As the child doesn’t have the capacity to drink Captain Morgan’s and twenty Dunhill it shouldn’t be exposed. Until a child has reached the legal age of development and therefore is close enough physically to the malevolent human race, to be dubbed, ‘one of us’ then it needs nurturing until the age where it can decide for itself to become a alcoholic or flirt with death, whatever.

This is all going a bit off track. Lawry Turner is constantly annoying me over her stances towards, well, everything. Today she said, “Smoker’s are in denial, you can tell them, ‘hello’ you are killing yourself and they blank it out.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

What is this? We’re not in the Orwellian police state just yet. I still have a choice, regardless of how illogical it might seem, to fill my lungs with sweet, sweet putrid smoke and guzzle, like the vast majority of this country, gallons of poisonous alcohol (don’t kid yourself alcohol is a poison hence, ‘what’s your poison?’) To have people, no, ‘non-smokers’ tell me I can’t flirt with death in a deeply philosophical way as I puff away makes me want to declare a fatwa.

This idea of smugness is pervasive, I should know because I’m a smug ecoer, as much as I can be but this isn’t the way things are meant to be.