Thursday, 13 September 2007

Flawed heroes (The Dark Knight and Iron Man)

Iron Man aka Tony Stark and Batman aka Bruce Wayne have a lot in common: They’re both multimillionaires, both are perceived as international playboys, rowdy bachelors and both have an arsenal of technology to enhance their human abilities. Oh and they’re both deeply flawed individuals.

My personal favourite is the Bat. I’ve always enjoyed the noir elements of Batman stories. His parent’s were brutally murdered when he’s still a child and apart from the constant guilt he feels at surviving the ordeal, he’s always skating the line between sanity and psychosis.

As far as any character can bring a sense of authenticity to something as fantastical as a superhero role, I think he manages it. Here is a man who, whether rightly or wrongly, has taken it upon himself to avenge his parents by tackling the criminal element.

Using his own immense intellect, detective skills, physicality and gadgets he accomplishes this. The thing is you could remove the utility belt and batarangs and you’d be left with a hard-boiled noir vigilante.

New trailers for both are here and here.

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Dark Knight said...

I love the Joker: he's a real charakter. His craziness is what makes him so interesting.