Friday, 31 August 2007

Evacuation on BBC 2

Yet another historical kids TV programme. Modern, urban yoot, get sent to the middle of nowhere and get to ‘experience’ what it was like for child evacuees during the Second World War. This program is genius, two fold, not only do the kids literally have to shovel shit but are constantly tormented by a Safety Warden who, if they mess up procedures, which they always do, shouts gems like:

“If I was a gas cloud I would have killed you.”

“You think I’m angry, just think what Mr Hitler would be like, he’d be very happy and he’d bomb you.”

Between the kids failing to use their cutlery properly (not that I’m a fork fascist but shouldn’t you evacuate people, who can say, use a spoon?) and the WWII reject Warden, it’ll easily keep you entertained.

Maybe doing a programme on terrorism might be more relevant for today’s yoot. They could learn how to torture suspects, hose down civilians after a dirty bomb and more importantly learn to act unilaterally.

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