Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Notting Hill Carnival 07

This e-mail from the owner of the I-2-U gallery, essentially summarises my experience of the Carnival:

Awesome all,

How are you. Firstly thank you thank you thank you…………… for all your efforts
and help during the save the art galley –beer sale. Without you guys I
know this would have never been a success, and I sincerely appreciate that a

Sales takings for two days was £3375 (wish the carnival last forever :) With
that I paid 3,100 to landlord for balance of rent due for this month,
September and some for October and rest to Doug for letting us using his
alcohol licence. So now the gallery don't have to be closed by end of this
month, which is good news.

As an update- Luke is having his exhibition this Thursday from 6:30. Would
be very nice to see you here.

To be honest I had a great time with you all during the carnival. Once again
thanks a million. Have a nice day.

Kindest regards



Catherin: pls pass this to Helen,

Jo: Pls pass this to Ben

Wendy: Congratulations for drinking a bottle of Brandy in 20 seconds and
sell beer after that:-)

-message ends-

Despite the couple of shootings and stabbings that were very close to where we were, there was never a sense of hostility throughout the event. Good food, a bit of boogle boogle dancing and the police stationed nearby were having none of my, "are you allowed to drink officer? Beer for £1!"

Anyway, go buy something from I-2-U gallery or here.

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