Thursday, 9 August 2007

Hell hounds (finsbury)

I went to an RSPCA hospital today. The horror was unimaginable. Try to picture a cross section of society, excluding the well off, as they obviously had both the money and sense to never venture into this kind of hellhole. The chorus of dogs barking and children screaming became indistinguishable. Waiting there for four and a half hours…was like every other experience I’ve had in a communal services venue. Society is doomed and only the affluent will survive the coming, ‘rage of waiting.’

It will only take one person to snap, igniting the revolution. Different from those people you see queuing or waiting to be served that go ape shit when it’s too hot. Those people always look a bit unhinged. No, it’ll be someone who you wont expect. Then, bam, like a row of incensed dominos, people will start swearing into the heavens: pulverising post offices, germinating GPs, marauding through M&S. We will have over vengeance!


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that is another name for rectum...

Joanna Steele said...

Accomplished (considering all)