Thursday, 23 August 2007

Full motion Sims film!

Or maybe it isn’t. It does look like an interesting premise none the less, as well it should. John August has GO, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Corpse Bride all penned to his name.

Charlie wasn’t so great for a Tim Burton film.

Big Fish had more of an emotional connection than maybe it warranted, as the dad character reminded me of my own.

GO was entertaining in a ‘I did reckless stuff like that when I was a teenager, isn’t taking drugs cool but I’d rather get cirrhosis of the liver like all the other law abiding adults these days’ kind of way.

Corpse Bride seemed a bit mediocre compared to the Wallace and Gromit film that came out at the same time. I really like Burton but he needs to try harder in future and stop worrying about putting his wife in every, bloody film.

Anyway, if you look half way through the trailer everyone has those little Sims symbols above their heads. Also, all the talk about the protagonist having multiple personalities could be a reflection that a player has used the same template but changed the personality parameters, just like a Sim. Uh, geek levels reaching critical, better stop now. Watch The Nines trailer and tell me what you think.


Tad said...

hmm, intersting idea, but the diamonds above their heads could be coincidence? or is it definitley the sims movie?

Bjam said...

Your right, its probably complete nonsense but something tells me a film based on the actual Sims would come across incredibly cheesy

“Hi hunny, what are you doing?”

“I’m reading this cookery book over and over again so I can get one more bar next to my cooking skill.”