Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Post-Apocalyptic Britain

I love Sci-Fi films, what I love even more than your usual Space Opera or Cyber punk noir is the post-apocalyptic genre. Post-apocalyptic films have a certain hubris about them; it’s usually down to the actions taken by man that things are so incontrovertibly fucked up.

A bit of nuclear holocaust here, a totalitarian government there or even biological plagues, it’s all down to the wonder of man. The very notion of apolcalypse implies ramifications on a global scale but today I salute all the post-apocalyptic films that take place in this green and pleasant land or should that be barren and grey wasteland.

We’ve got plagues/zombies in the case of 28 Days and Weeks Later, totalitarian governments ala side effects with Equilibrium and Children of Men and lastly, awaking slumbering dragons that heat up the country worse than special chilli sauce.

28 Days and Weeks Later:

- The scenes in both where familiar London locations are completely disserted are very unnerving. The contrast between the bustle that I know and dread, every time I venture out with the complete and utter desolation is remarkable.

- The army personal near the end of the first film are all knobs, which rings very true to my experiences of squadies generally. Why else would you join the armed forces unless you suffer from a mental or emotional deficit?

- Blowing London up in films is a good thing. Blowing London up in real life makes you a complete asshole regardless of your religious beliefs. In 28 Weeks Later all of the Isle of Dogs is expunged in a massive fireball. Being synonymous with wealthy twats and soulless architecture this is a good thing. The Docklands Light Railway remains cool though.

- Part of the second film was filmed locally, which could well have ended in my person being arrested. Driving past in the bus there was an upturned car and a smashed shop window. People wondering around looking very much like Zombies. What exactly are the legal ramifications for dispatching someone if you genuinely believe them to be a zombie?

Children of Men and Equilibrium:

- Some of you will be thinking how can these films be put anywhere near each other, whether that be in text or on a real life shelf? To clear the confusion, I thought Equilibrium was a steaming turd posted through my letter box (thank you Amazon rentals) and probably Christian Bale’s (big fan) worst film. I did like the Gun-Fu idea and the chemically sedating the population stuff. If you must have order use fluoride.

- Children of Men on the other hand is pure gold turd genius. Clive Owen (big fan) plays the role of the apathetic anti-hero brilliantly.

- I’m not exactly sure why all the immigrants are locked up unless, somehow the Daily Mail readership lead a coup against what inevitably would be a Labour/Tory hybrid government.

- Having holographic adverts on double decker buses is cool.

- It’s still a toss up if I’d rather live in Michael Cain’s weed growing cottage or Clive Owen’s rich mate’s place in what was either the Tate Modern or Battersea power station.

- Best action sequence I’ve seen in a long time. When Clive Owen and the pregnant calf are attempting to leave the refugee camp and all kinds of shit is going down, is simply amazing. The realism of the sequence is terrifying. The shots look very much like the footage coming out of Iraq. Amazing.

Reign of Fire:

- Christian Bale again. Wakes up dragons buried deep beneath The Tube.

- Everywhere gets burnt to a crisp.

- Chris watches over a group of survivors.

- Thingy McConaughey turns up, flexing his muscles and shouting yee ha, the Americans have arrived.

- Everyone rushes to a very nicely portrayed, burnt up London. See my comment about 28 Days.

- They kill the only male dragon, (only one male? Darwin would name your species Reptilian Retardess) happy ending, well they get in touch with a French out post, make of that what you will.


Dr Hamhock MD said...

Clive Owen. Or did I miss the joke?


Bjam said...

Ok, so he's not amazing. In fact I think I only vaguely liked his character in this and can't off the top of my head, think of anything else he's been good in...happy now? *cries*

Bjam said...

yep, must have had pain on the mind to write Chris...still like Bruce Willis' says, "proof reading's for pussies"